Jake Shimabukuro, “I AM WHAT I AM… because of YOU”

On this Jake Shimabukuro interview: The Hawaiian music scene, the incredible experience of being a kid in high school and suddenly have two hit records, overcoming shyness to start his solo career… stories about playing with Bela Fleck, Jimmy Buffett, Alan Parsons, Warren Haynes, Kip Winger, Simon Phillips, Bette Midler, playing for the Queen of England, dealing with his parents divorce… the source of his humility and gratitude, his most embarrassing gig, Hello Mudda Hello Faddah and much more. VERY cool convo!

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Jake is a ukulele virtuoso who’s known worldwide for the joy he shares about the ukulele, as well as his excellent playing. Jake plays Hawaiian music, as well as jazz, blues, rock, funk, bluegrass, classical and other genres on the ukelele. He even covered Ozzy Osbourne’s Mama I’m Coming Home. He’s also written full scores to 2 Japanese movies. After starting his solo career in 2002. Jake shot to fame in 2006, in what was one of the earliest videos to go viral on YouTube – a video of him playing his rendition of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

Jake started playing ukulele at age 4, taking lessons from his mother who was an accomplished player. To date, Jake has released 16 solo LPs and 10 more LPs released only in Japan, and has won a combined several dozen Hanohano Awards which are like Hawaiian Grammy’s as well as Hawaii Music Awards.

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