Zach Amster, Abrams “I’m GOOD at COMPLAINING, BUT…”

On this Zach Amster interview: What it takes to stop writing music you think you should be writing and start writing the music you need to write… how the pandemic changed the band (not what you’re thinking), Zach’s “secret weapon” on stage, personal struggles offstage, non-music hobbies and interests, most important thing his parents taught him, lots more, a fun hang, why he’s so driven, and how this helped himself and the band grow…

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Zach is the singer, lead guitarist, and primary songwriter in the psychedelic rock band Abrams. He grew up in SoCal with his twin brother, who’s a professional drummer in the bands Mondo Generator & Nebula. Zach and bass player Taylor Iversen started Abrams when they met each other in Boulder, CO. The band just released their 4th LP, In The Dark and this is a real “breakout” record. I wanted to support it, and was excited to have Zach on the show to talk about it.

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