Billy Howerdel, A Perfect Circle:  WE SURVIVE what we CAN’T CHANGE… and why “THIS KID’S SPECIAL…”

On this Billy Howerdel interview: From sound and lighting guy, to playing lead guitar in a platinum-selling band all over the world! Billy talks about how & why he became a tech, and the serendipitous series of events that led to him becoming an artist and a professional musician.David Gilmour, Pink Floyd’s Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour, the utter destruction (137 Guitars) of the Downward Spiral Tour, growing up with an alcoholic father, backstory to his hit records, TWO low points he’s had to deal with, cooking, quitting guitar, and loads of other interesting life stories. Incredibly humble and thoughtful

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Billy Howerdel’s most well-known as the co-founder, co-songwriter, lead guitarist and producer of A Perfect Circle, as well as in his solo project, Ashes Divide. A Perfect Circle’s first 2 albums (Mer de Noms & Thirteenth Step) went platinum, and all 4 of their albums opened up in the Top 5 Billboard charts. Billy’s got a new solo record out, called What Normal Was. It’s an awesome record filled with very cool ambient electronic rock, great songwriting as always, and great lyrics.

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