Dan Dorninger, Witchrider “EVERYTHING was LOSING it’s meaning…”

On this Dan Dorninger interview: Moving from Detroit to Austria, writing Witchrider’s first song and first hit – Black!… backstories to Witchrider’s best songs, dark times during Covid, apple juice, creative pride, sound scaping, Josef Hader, and why things become less magical once you start investigating them. Awesome conversation, very open and easy going!

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Dan started Witchrider in 2012. The band combines stoner rock with great songwriting and some electronica, lots of blues-based fuzzy guitar, great synths and drums as well. They’ve released 2 full-length LPs, an EP as well as number of singles and splits with other bands like Ultima Radio & Truckfighters. Awesome songwriting, great guitar playing and Dan knows how to create great emotional lifts in his songs

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