“I SMOKED CRACK with MY DAD at 15…” Mike Squires: Duff McKagan’s Loaded

“I went to Seattle & BECAME A GRAVE DIGGER…”

On this Mike Squires interview: Mike grew up in a very rough environment and successfully broke the cycle… He went from smoking crack with his dad to touring the world as a successful musician, releasing an LP as a very creative solo artist, and hosting a successful music podcast. Growing up in a rural Washington state logging town, joining the Marines, working as a gravedigger, creating his own music opportunities, getting married, the genesis of his new LP and much more. Super cool and 100% RAW!

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Mike is an artist, sideman and host of the Couch Riffs podcast. He played bass & guitar in several indie bands including Alien Crime Syndicate, Harvey Danger (Flagpole Sitta) and The Long Winters before joining Duff McKagan’s Loaded in 2001, as lead guitarist. Mike just released a LP called #2 Record. 

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