“Who would believe THIS was GEORGE HARRISON’S GUITAR?”

“The FINAL STRAW was…”

“If you’re ABLE to do something, WHY wouldn’t you DO IT?…” Norm Harris, Norman’s Rare Guitars  

On this Norm Harris interview: how he got started buying & selling guitars, his  “Plan B” from Miami to LA, critical lessons he learned from his father – a Russian Immigrant who escaped from Crimea and forged his own success story as well… Why every day is like Christmas for Norm. LOADS of creative ways Norm used to find guitars to buy… stories about  Dave Amato, Bob Dylan, Jaco Pastorius, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Richie Sambora, a low point in his life and how he handled it, work ethic, social media, Midnight Mission and loads more cool stuff. Lovely guy…!

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Norm Harris has been successfully buying and selling Vintage guitars in LA, for well over 50 years. He carved out this niche in the market, before it even existed, and has a great story to share in his book, Confessions of a Vintage Guitar Dealer

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