“I’m feeling pretty CONTENT these days…” Mark Engles, dredg & Black Map

On this Mark Engles interview: WORST GIG EVER, challenges of growing dreag early on and what made him keep going in spite of roadblocks, Bukowski, evolution of Black Map over 3 LPs, getting perspective on what’s important, his ‘68 tele, science, being easygoing and letting go of stress, Istanbul, dropping out and more, cool convo!

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Mark is a founding member, guitarist and songwriter for the bands dredg and Black Map. dredg’s music is prog rock, and the band has released 5 Studio LPs, 5 EPs & a Live LP. Black Map is heavier, more straight ahead rock & alternative, with atmospheric effects and vibey passages. The band started when dredg was on a hiatus in 2013. They’ve released 2 Studio LPs, 2 EPs & a new LP coming out soon called Melodoria. Mark’s toured the states as well as the world, and has played major festivals all over.

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