“The desert CHANGED our LIVES…” Phil Vilenski, Wayland

On this Phil Vilenski interview: Making the changes needed after hearing “You guys suck…” from dozens of music industry people in LA, and then touring the country for SEVEN YEARS straight! Connecting with fans over Covid… work ethic & determination, benefitting from great producers, how the Joshua Tree desert changed his life, dealing with band members coming and going, striving for balance, getting along with others, the beauty of youth, getting rid of toxic people, Charlie and the bucket of parts, and more. SINCERE and fun..!

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Phil Vilenski is the guitarist, founder… and along with singer Mitch Arnold, the main songwriter of the band Wayland. Wayland is a six-time charting rock band from Michigan. They’ve released 2 full-length LPs, an EP and a new EP about to drop soon “On The Way.” The EP was produced by Keith Nelson, founding member, lead songwriter and guitarist from Buckcherry

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