Amund Maarud Interview: “Now I exist even more, as a human being. I like myself more now…”

AWESOME CONVO: On this Amund Maarud interview, growing up on an oats farm, his preference for the intimacy of small town living, backstory to some of his best songs, trying to find his own inner calm and learning to like himself, slowing down and the beauty of “not measuring” your life, chain saws, knowing what success means to you, and loads more cool stuff. This guy is 100% the REAL DEAL and an amazing blues guitarist / artist 

Amund Maarud has been a leading star of the Norwegian blues & rock scene for over two decades. His projects include his 60s psych rock band The Grand, his own various solo bands, Morudes, jazzrock trio Amgala Temple, his one man solo show, Lucky Lips and The Buick. He’s toured Russia, Europe, USA, England (where he headlined the Royal Albert Hall and was the MD of the Norwegian Blues Adventure), South Korea, Cambodia and Japan. He received a Norwegian Grammy in 2011, the Edvard Grieg Composer Award in 2016, also in 2016 the Blues Award at Notodden Blues festival. And in 2018 Amund got his own star at the Blues Walk of Fame in Notodden alongside the likes of Ry Cooder, BB King and Bonnie Raitt

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