Dani Rabin from Marbin Interview: “You thought LIFE was ONE THING, but it becomes ANOTHER thing, VERY QUICKLY”

On this Dani Rabin interview, his disappointment in the lack of passion of his teachers at Berklee… starting Marbin from nothing and working up to 300 dates a year for a few years straight to get things moving, music as a portrait of your imagination and as a portrait of your reality, finding his place as an improvisational artist, why “You’re NOT in control of your growth,” TIME as the greatest healer, getting in trouble crossing the border, trusting new relationships and loads more. Somewhat controversial thoughts, but VERY open and candid

Dani Rabin is the co-founder & guitarist of the jazz/rock band Marbin. Born in La Jolla CA and raised in Rehovot, Israel, Dani moved back to the states in 2003 to study at Berklee College of music. In 2007 he met sax player Danny Marbin. They’ve released 12 LPs to date, and through relentless touring have built up a huge fan base

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