Tim Young, James Corden Show: “I made it my business to say YES to EVERYTHING…”

On this Tim Young interview, the serendipity of moves he made and how they changed his life in powerful ways, losing his musical identity and how he rebuilt it… getting the James Corden gig, playing with Beck, Fiona Apple, Cher, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzennegar… dealing with alcohol abuse and learning to be here and now, family, MacGyver, gratitude, finding things you love, and lots more. Very sincere

A session player and artist, Tim has supported artists like Rosanne Cash, Case/Lang/Veirs, Beck, Fiona Apple, and Ricky Lee Jones, as well as working on music for film, television, and video games. He’s also the guitarist on James Corden’s Late Late show. Tim is a member of the band Zony Mash, leads Tim Young & The Questionnaires also has a band with his wife called The Youngs.

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