Justin Greaves Interview, Crippled Black Phoenix: “Having an open mind is easier than you think…”

A musician who’s truly dedicated to the purity of what he does, Justin was incredibly candid during our conversation. Stories include the influence of his dad on his music, the highs and lows of his relationships, where the ideas for some of his biggest hits came from, his anti-authority spirit, getting sober, suffering a stroke, the power of music, staying positive in spite of adversity, depression, mental illness, GREAT convo, GREAT guy, just an amazing songwriter:

INTENSE: Justin is the founder of, guitar player and writer of Crippled Black Phoenix, one of the best progressive/psychedelic rock bands around. Justin started playing drums at 12 and was gigging in the UK hardcore and punk scene at 16. Then, after roughly 16 years of gigging all over the world, he abruptly left the music business. Shortly after, he picked up the guitar and found a new and creative way of expressing his music, and CBP was born

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