Joel Taylor Interview: “It’s important to Live A FULL LIFE and Enjoy it…”

Joel Taylor interview: stories about working & playing with Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Berlin, Andy Summers (hilarious story), Robbie Krieger, Stanley Clarke, Leslie West, Pat Travers, Larry Carlton, Brian Bromberg, Dave Carpenter, Jeff Richman, David Foster, Bobby Kimball… a “Buddy Rich moment,” moving from a small town (pop. 5,000) to Boston, playing trumpet at Carnegie Hall and the triggering event that made him switch to drums (and changed his life), playing (in his underwear) on the Guitar Hero & Rock Band video games, a valuable lesson he learned from his father about making sure he lives a full life, moderation, his love affair with adventure, work ethic, giving to others, Nepal, not being afraid to put yourself out there, and tons more interesting life lessons. GREAT conversation, incredibly genuine and open, a MUST listen!

Joel Taylor is one of the most versatile first-call drummers in the L.A. studio and touring scene. He’s toured & recorded with artists from every genre of the music world, including: Allan Holdsworth (12 years world tours), Rick Springfield, Andy Summers (world tours 8 years), Joe Sample, Michael Buble’, Gloria Estefan, The Jazz Crusaders, Robbie Krieger, Stanley Clarke, Mike Stern, Eric Marienthal, Jeff Lorber, Herb Alpert, Frank Gambale (13 years world tours), Diane Schuur, Colin Hay (Men at Work), Edgar Winter, Leslie West, Pat Travers, Marco Mendoza, Cristopher Cross, and the following Everyone Loves Guitar guests: Al DiMeola, Robben Ford, Bill Champlin, Doug Bossi, Stu Hamm, Alex Skolnick, Jeff Kollman, Mike Miller, Allen Hinds, Tim Lefebvre, Jimmy Haslip, Otmaro Ruiz, Russell Ferrante… as well as hundreds of others.

He’s on the short list of drummers for legendary producers David Foster, Peter Wolf and Mauricio Guerrero… has performed on numerous film, tv, and video game soundtracks including Gran Torino, Anchorman, Witches of Waverly Place (The Movie), Garfield, Hannah Montana, Guitar Hero II, III, Rock the 80’s and Rock Band video games, as well as hundreds of jingles including Coke, Pepsi, Budweiser, Mac, Mercedes & loads of other major national and international brands.

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