Scotti Hill Interview, Skid Row: “Everybody’s in on the joke, but you…”

Skid Row Guitarist Scotti Hill shares his early struggles and his dogged determination to overcome them – both personally and musically. “Nice to meet you, I have to take a piss…” The serendipity of a variety of events in Scotti’s life is simply amazing, as is his courage to roll with the punches… Story of Scotti’s sobriety, playing on SNL, jamming with Donald “Duck” Dunn, Shawshank Redemption, Skid Row’s ups and downs and the band’s determination to make it – a second time! Cycling, Japan, taking chances, and not sweating the small stuff, loads more. TOTALLY cool & inspiring conversation!

Scotti Hill grew up on Long Island and started playing guitar at age 13, at his sister’s encouragement. The guitar quickly became an obsession for him and when he was 14, his parents took him down to Manny’s Music Store on 48th street in NYC and got him a 1978 Telecaster. At 16, he began hanging out in the local clubs and playing in cover bands. Scotti joined what would evolved into Skid Row at age 20, and since then he’s toured the world multiple times, starting off playing corner stages in tiny road houses and growing to playing the biggest stadiums around. Skid Row’s debut album sold over 5 million copies. The band’s 2nd LP, Slave To The Grind debuts at #1 on Billboard. Scotti’s performed on SNL, Moscow Music Peace Festival & American Music Awards

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