Donny McCaslin Interview, “You don’t know if you’ll ever have this moment again”

On this Donny McCaslin interview, overcoming early childhood struggles and how this changed his life, playing Monterey Jazz Festival (3 times) while in high school, why he “Always wanted to move to New York City…” getting his career started and having the courage to make the move from side-man to artist, working with David Bowie and Bowie’s influence on Donny’s music, getting out of his comfort zone and making an unconventional LP (“Blow”), mistakes made, family, why you should (and shouldn’t) become a musician, sports, “jazz babies,” mellowing out, and why “All we have is now…” Great convo, super genuine

Donny McCaslin is a jazz saxophonist who grew up gigging with his father’s jazz ensembles, then attended Berklee College of Music. He’s been a NYC side man since the early 90’s, playing on hundreds of records for artists including Dave Douglas, The Maria Schneider Jazz Orchestra, Bobby McFerrin, Sun Kill Moon, and many others.  Starting in the late 90’s, Donny became a solo artist and has released 13 LPs since that time, featuring great musicians on all of them. Donny’s also a 3-time Grammy Nominee, twice for Best Improvised Jazz Solo and once for Best Jazz Instrumental Solo

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