Jeffrey Lee Campbell Interview, “Do Stand So Close: My Improbable Adventure as Sting’s Guitarist” 

AMAZING stories about Sting, Jeff’s highs and lows, getting sober over 20 years ago… Jeff working at a concession stand one day, flying to Rio as part of Sting’s band, the next… the effects of fame and “false fame,” LOADS more cool and interesting stuff. A MUST LISTEN:

Jeff talks about his book, “Do Stand So Close: My Improbable Adventure as Sting’s Guitarist,” which traces his adventures and his rags to riches to rags to redemption story as Sting’s guitarist. He performed 181 concerts in 25 countries on 6 continents, for over 2 million fans. Along the way, Jeff’s had a successful career as a session player in NYC, working with people like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Jon Bon Jovi, Chet Atkins, John Patitucci, Sammy Davis Jr. and loads of others.

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