Nicolas Meier Interview, Jeff Beck: “I love that, but I had to find what’s me…”

On this Nicolas Meier interview, Growing up in Switzerland and moving to study at Berklee at 19, getting the gig with Jeff Beck, playing with Steve Vai, navigating and adapting his career to Covid, integrating fusion, jazz and other world influences, figuring out how to let go and just be himself, skiing, Ronnie Scott’s, badminton, achieving something unique and feeling comfortable with your own uniqueness. Great positive energy, lots of fun

UK-based guitarist Nicolas Meier plays w/ influences from Turkish, Eastern & Middle Eastern music, Flamenco, Tango and more, all mixed with jazz. Jeff Beck was so impressed he made Nicolas a mainstay of The Jeff Beck Group for two world tours. As an artist, Nicolas has released 12 LPs in various group formats, on his own label MGP Records. Nicolas’ solo LP, “Infinity” was performed in a trio format with Jimmy Haslip & Vinnie Colaiuta. Last year he released “Flying Spirits,” a very cool guitar-heavy world music record with Indonesian and jazz influences, again with Jimmy Haslip & Indonesian superstar Dewa Bedjana

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