Keith Nelson Interview: Buckcherry & Getting sober “I didn’t want to live, but I wasn’t ready to die…”

On this Keith Nelson interview, growing up in rural PA in an abusive environment, moving to LA, hitting rock bottom and getting sober, forgiveness and dealing with losing his father… putting Buckcherry together and the moment he knew the band was complete, random encounters that changed his life, opening for Kiss & AC/DC, playing w Steven Tyler, top 3 lessons he learned from Buckcherry (OUTSTANDING!), choosing the blue vest or the orange vest, who you are vs. what you do, 3 most outside his comfort things he’s done, his cool vintage guitars, breaking his nose at a gig in Dallas, learning how to be a finisher, becoming a father, being loyal, getting into therapy, Hawaii, and LOADS more cool stuff. TONS of energy and sincerity on this one, a MUST listen!

Keith founded Buckcherry in 1996 and left the band in 2017 to pursue writing and production full time. He was a 2x Grammy Nominee as a member of Buckcherry. Starting from scratch, Keith learned how to produce, record and engineer and has since gone on to produce records by Buckcherry, Ricky Warwick, Good Charlotte, Chris Roberts Band, Palisades, The Dose, Beasto Blanco and others. He also has co-writes on songs written with: Alice Cooper, Blackberry Smoke, Wildfeathers, Velvet Revolver, Wayland, Ricky Warwick, Tuk Smith and The Restless Hearts, Hans Zimmer, Classless Act, Chris Roberts Band, & others

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