Aaron McLain Interview, Air Supply, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez: “You can’t give up…”

Aaron kept it very real as we talked about some of the lowest points he had in this business (including a scary trip to the hospital), and how he overcame them… dealing with racism, choosing your friends wisely, the upside and downside to having a sensitive spirit… and the tremendous work ethic he used to create a very successful side hustle for himself, in the form of music licensing. VERY interesting call with a really sweet guy

Aaron McLain has held down the electric guitar slot with Air Supply for over 8 years. During his career, he’s performed or recorded with Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Tears for Fears singer Oleta Adams, Patti LaBelle, Terrance Trent D’arby, Boys Don’t Cry, Beto Cuevas (his work won a Latin Grammy) and more. He’s also scored over 100 prime time television shows

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