Kelly Keagy Interview, Night Ranger: Hitting rock bottom, getting sober & bouncing back to Living!

Kelly did not hold back in this conversation. He talked about hitting rock bottom, getting sober and what his journey was like… dealing with some pretty serious heart health issues and bouncing back… why Night Ranger broke up and how they got back together… critical life lessons he learned from his dad, most unusual childhood memory and much more. AMAZING convo, with an incredibly talented and compassionate musician who was very happy to share 

Drummer, co-songwriter and co-lead singer of Night Ranger and the writer and singer of the multi-platinum hit “Sister Christian,” Kelly has “been there and done that.” Night Ranger was a struggling local San Francisco band, but after their first album started getting traction, Bill Graham began booking them to open for national acts like Judas Priest, Pat Benatar, Santana and the Doobie Brothers. Things were going great, when suddenly from out of nowhere, their record label closes. No more records in stores, no more touring support. The band then embarked on a 7-year journey working virtually non-stop, eventually selling over 16 million albums along the way


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