Niklas Kallgren Interview / Dango from Truckfighters: NEW Enigma Experience

On this Niklas Kallgren / Dango Interview: The biggest changes, growth opportunities and differences in making a Truckfighters LP vs working on his new Enigma Experience project, “Question Mark” How the band came together (it took over 2 years from start to finish), the benefits and challenges of composing and running your own project… What happens as you walk the line between your real life and your social media life, specific gear he used to record & lessons learned from running his record label, Fuzzorama Records. GREAT convo, super cool guy, very passionate about his music

As the primary writer, guitarist, producer / engineer and leader of Truckfighters, Dango played over 1,000 gigs all over the globe with the band, before the band took a hiatus to catch their breath. During this 10 year timeframe, the band released an EP & 6 full-length LPs, including Mania, one of THE greatest albums ever made. It’s like Dark Side of the Moon of desert / stoner rock. Dango is now back with a new band, Enigma Experience, and a new full length LP, Question Mark

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