Denny Freeman Interview, Bob Dylan, Vietnam, Stevie Ray Vaughan: Most Emotional Interview I’ve Done

On this Denny Freeman interview: Denny was around for the revolution of 1960s music and culture and explains, in no uncertain terms, how 1965 and 1968 were completely culturally different. And how the fallout from this presented some very upsetting consequences to him, especially as it related to his relationship with his dad. On top of this, he was being chased down by the Navy for 8 years, and never really had control over his own life during this time, with the potential to be shipped off to Vietnam at any moment. Denny was candid in his presentation of everything, including some of the greatest challenges he had to deal with. A soulful artist, a musical warrior and a survivor:   

One of the original members of the Austin music scene back in the early 1970’s Denny Freeman roomed with and played in bands with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmie Vaughan. He was also part of the house band at Antone’s, and shared stories about backing up blues legends like Otis Rush, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy and Freddie King. He’s played on records with both Vaughan brothers co-written with Debbie Harry… recorded and toured with Bob Dylan… and has released 6 solo CDs of his own

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