Sara Niemietz Interview: “Music is my first love…”

On this Sara Niemietz Interview: getting her first break in acting and the highs and lows of growing her career in music… the good (and the not so good) aspects of the acting business in Hollywood, putting herself out there and creating opportunities, the benefits of not pushing to make things work, having a personal relationship with her higher power, patience, Mandarin, Russian literature, work ethic, being homeschooled, her thirst for learning, “Quickbooks, where have you been all my life?” and loads more. LOTS of fun, a total professional!

Sara Niemietz is a singer/songwriter & actress based in LA. She’s performed on Broadway, Radio City Music Hall, Grand Ole Opry. Her regular co-writer and long-time accompanist is Snuffy Walden… Sara is also a regular member of Postmodern Jukebox and has written music for tv, films, and soundtracks, as well. She’s also performed with BJ Thomas, Richard Marx, Melissa Manchester, as well as performing lead roles in musicals at Lincoln Center in NYC, the Ellen DeGeneres show, and on MTV UK

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