John Ashton Interview, The Psychedelic Furs: “Inability to play a musical instrument never stopped the Furs…”

On this John Ashton Interview: The rise and fall of the Psychedelic Furs and how things might have been different, the serendipitous (and also scary) events that occurred in John’s life that brought him to music and to the Furs… hie less than idyllic childhood and how he managed to create a life for himself in spite of this, watching Free, Bowie, and The Clash in concert. John also shows us some of his many cool guitars, Tokyo, doing things at least twice, origins of Satellite Paradiso and TONS of other cool stuff. Awesome, sincere and lots of fun and laughs on this one!

NOTE: The Satellite Paradiso LP is under “John Ashton” on streaming!

John’s most well-known as the guitarist for The Psychedelic Furs. He was with the band from 1978-2007, playing and writing on all their LPs during this time. Originally from London, John has also worked as a side man and producer, working with artists like Marianne Faithfull, The Sisters of Mercy, Red Betty, and Seven Color Sky. John has a solo project called Satellite Paradiso. The band was touring regularly before Covid and they have one LP out, which is phenomenal. It’s a great example of killer songs, mixed with amazing guitar riffs in the psychedelic / alternative genre

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