RARE: Mike Wanchic Interview, John Mellencamp: “I learned how to play from all those junkies”

Mike Wanchic Interview: This was an absolutely KILLER conversation! Mike absorbed and learned the basics of music and guitar from the recovering heroin addicts (all professional jazz musicians), in a well-known hospital his father ran… meeting John Mellencamp & how the band slowly progressed by deliberately tweaking various aspects of their sound and songwriting to improve at their craft, NOT chasing pop culture trends, how Mike became John’s co-producer and the skills that made him good at it, working with Mick Ronson, Ian Hunter, Steve Cropper… how to build a good live show, diligence, work ethic, connecting with your audience, Mike’s cool vintage strats, loyalty, fatherhood and more. First-Class all the way – a MUST Listen!

Mike Wanchic has been John Mellencamp’s guitarist, and then producer… since 1976. They’ve played to no one at dive bar clubs… to arena crowds at Budokan in Tokyo, Madison Square Garden, Wembley arena and on and on. Mike’s had the unique experience of seeing a career from the lowest to the highest one can go

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