Ian Moore Interview: “It was so ferocious, feral, and visceral…”

Ian gets up close and personal during this conversation and talks about the things that allowed him to hang in there during those parts of his journey when it was looking pretty bleak… the tremendous influence of his dad, who was one of the top Buddhist scholars in the country… the backstory to some of his greatest hits, his resiliency, his wife and other close family ties, the power of being vulnerable, some of his amazingly cool vintage guitars… and why his future’s looking bright. One of the most REAL and open people you’ll get to meet, and definitely one of the TOP blues players in the country, who’s equally adept at singing and writing. One of my FAVORITE interviews because of his openness – you MUST listen to this one:

Talk about a comeback – Ian Moore really has “been there & done that.” A child prodigy on classical violin, Ian slashed all the tendons in his right hand in a bizarre accident… which ultimately led him to guitar. His first album shot to the top of the charts, immediately – suddenly he’s opening for The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Bob Dylan. Then, through mismanagement on the label’s end, Ian has to spend the next 15 years completely rebuilding his career. Today, he’s back stronger than ever because of this

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