Robbie Wyckoff Interview, Roger Waters, Pablo Cruise: “I learned… dreams come true, if you don’t give up…”

Robbie talks about surviving cancer, and how it changed his life… what it was like playing with Roger Waters, and performing in front of audiences as large as 300,000, how The Wall tour made so much money, his experience working with Eddie Vedder,  being more compassionate, loads of other cool stuff. One of the warmest people I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with, this one’s an adventure you don’t want to miss

Robbie is a highly sought after vocalist who was hand-picked by Roger Waters to be the lead singer on the biggest tour in the history of music – The Wall, Live, from 2010 – 2013. He’s also the current lead singer for Pablo Cruise, and has recorded and performed with Rick Springfield, Eddie Vedder, Keith Emerson, Gregg Rolie, and more…

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