Aaron Marshall Interview, Intervals: “You have to eat above your weight to move forward…”

On this Aaron Marshall Interview, Aaron opens up and has a very frank discussion about the turnover in his band, including the specifics of what happened, the best solution he’s found (after trying many), and what he learned from this experience. The most stressful part of having his heart surgery, story of how he started Intervals on a whim when his friend posted a video of him playing guitar on YouTube, trusting his intuition, balance, bio-hacking, microdosing and LOADS more. VERY cool convo!

Aaron is the lead guitarist for the prog metal band Intervals. He founded the band in 2011, and they’ve released 4 LPs and 2 EPs since then. They’ve also toured the world playing festivals, opening or headlining with bands like Dirty Loops, Plini, Karnivool, Animals as Leaders, Nick Johnston & others…

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