Greg Martin Interview: “I got the call to join Skynyrd, but it wasn’t the right thing…” 

On this Greg Martin Interview: subbing for Ed King and why he didn’t join Lynyrd Skynyrd (NOT what you’re thinking), a history of his solo projects outside of the Headhunters, the joyful way his new LP came about, the privilege of fellowship and camaraderie, Greg’s radio show on the Low-Down Hoe-Down on and loads more. One of THE kindest people you will ever cross paths with  

Grammy winning guitarist Greg Martin is most well-known for being the lead guitarist of the Kentucky Headhunters… a position he’s held since 1968 when the band originally formed as Itchy Brother. Greg also has a side project called Martin, Smith, McGee and the band just released a new record called Eclectic Lazyland. As always, Greg’s warm melodies of his 1958 Les Paul Standard, and his soulful solos tie everything together. On this record, Greg channeled his inner Paul Kossoff and tears up some serious blues rock.

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