Jeff Carlisi Interview, .38 Special: “Ronnie Van Zant’s mom made the best ham sandwiches, ever…”

On this Jeff Carlisi interview, he went VERY deep, talking about the serendipity of the recession which made getting a job as an architect impossible – so he joined .38 Special… Studio One, Ed King, Dan Hartman, Edgar & Johnny Winter, Benjamin Orr, Rodney Mills, Jim Peterik, Paul Rogers, Governor Mike Huckabee… the real truth behind why he left the band, his thoughts on why .38 Special are not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, dealing with the loss of his dad, his very cool and interesting vintage guitars… the real story behind he & Ronnie Van Zant creating the song “4 Walls of Raiford”… living in the present, letting stuff go, and his missed accordion opportunity. GREAT conversation, very intelligent and open

Jeff Carlisi was the lead guitarist & an original founding member of 38 Special. He was responsible for SO MANY of the band’s great signature guitar solos and licks, and he was also the co-writer of many of the bands top hits, including my favorite 38 special song, “If I’d Been The One,” from Tour de Force (1983). Jeff was with the band from 1974 – 1996. Jeff grew up and played in bands with most of the members of the original Lynyrd Skynyrd & 38 Special. The band’s first 2 LPs weren’t very successful, but their 3rd LP, Rockin Into The Night earned them their first top 40 single and sold 250K records. The band wound up selling over 20 million LPs.

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