Jace Everett Interview, True Blood: “I want to do Bad Things with you”


On this Jace Everett interview, Jace talks about finding Jesus at a young age, and then “opting out” of religion… dropping out of the music business for 5 years to raise his son and provide for his family… losing his publishing deal, his record deal and going through a miserable divorce – all at once!… Backstory to his new records, favorite song he wrote (NOT what you’re thinking), being a dad, understanding how others hear him (and don’t hear him), forgiveness, France, loads more. SUPER cool and intelligent guy 

Jace Everett dropped out of Belmont University to become a full-time musician. He then moved to France, had a son, then dropped out of the music business for 5 years. Made  a bro country album that flopped – but it did have a song called “Bad Things” on it. In 2008 HBO stumbled upon “Bad Things” and made the song the theme to “True Blood.” Since then, Jace has made 6 full length albums and an EP as an independent artist. He’s toured all over the world, has dozens of sync placements in film, TV & ads… cuts with artists from Nashville, Texas, Canada, Norway, Australia and the UK. He has 2 new records , “Lost in the Flood” created with Norwegian guitarist Amund Maarud, and an Ambient record called YLEM. Both albums are great

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