Matt & Gregg Bissonette Interview: The Reddcoats (New LP)

On this Matt & Gregg Bissonette interview, both brothers are LIVE to discuss their new LP and project, The Reddcoats. The record is a mix of jazz, rock, fusion & funk, and it’s FILLED with energy from the Bissonettes, Wally Minko, Andy Timmons & Mike Medina. Matt talks about gaining confidence as a singer, the backstory to the band forming, and to some of the tracks… And both Matt & Gregg talk about the influence their parents had on their career. Gregg reveals THE best side hustle of any musician who’s ever come on Everyone Loves Guitar, the joy of creating your own music, and a fun and chaotic Bissonette back-and-forth. GREAT convo, lots of laughs…

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