Barry Bergman Interview: “Angus Young says to me, ‘But Barry, all I know how to do is play guitar…”

On this Barry Bergman Interview, how he connected with AC/DC & Meat Loaf and spearheaded their careers here in the states. His constant efforts and trying to get into the music business and how he finally made it and then started his own successful firm. Serving as an expert witness, representing artists in front of Congress and getting the Digital Performance Rights royalties bill passed & making 41 phone calls to get this to happen… Why it’s best not to try and change someone, why leaders have to lead, doing the right thing, why “If you have a Plan B, you should just do it right now…” and more. LOVELY, sincere guy who cares about others

Founder & Chairman Emeritus of the Music Managers Forum, manager Barry Bergman has testified on Capitol Hill serving the interests of artists, and was inducted into the Personal Managers Hall of Fame on May 10, 2018

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