Mike Dawes Interview, Shows and Distancing: Live in the USA

On this Mike Dawes Interview, Mike shares his candid opinions on Brexit, and explains the ridiculous amount of taxes and rigmarole foreign artists have to deal with to play shows in the states. How he developed his comforting stage presence, the unusual benefit of stage banter, the complete backstory of his new LP, Shows and Distancing and loads of very cool and interesting stuff.

Mike Dawes is an English fingerstyle guitar player known for composing, arranging and performing multiple parts simultaneously on one instrument using unique techniques. He just released his 3rd LP: Shows and Distancing: Live in the USA. Mike’s been named ‘best acoustic guitarist in the world’ by MusicRadar & Total Guitar. He’s toured the world as both a solo act, with The International Guitar Night Tour, and as Justin Hayward’s (Moody Blues) lead guitar player

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