Derry Grehan Interview, Honeymoon Suite: “It’s a work ethic, not a party…”


On this Derry Grehan interview: going from playing clubs 6 nights a week to getting a major label deal and playing arenas, cool story about his marriage, dealing with depression and some low points when the music industry shifted and his career was put on hold, cool guitar talk, not screwing things up as a young musician because of his gratitude and because of his awareness that he was in a business, bike riding, laying tiles, and not being a dick. Great convo, high energy and very open, lovely guy

Derry Grehan is a guitarist and songwriter, most well-known as the lead guitarist and main songwriter with the band Honeymoon Suite. Since their formation in 1983, Honeymoon Suite has released 7 studio & 2 live LPs with over 1 million records sold worldwide and triple platinum sales in Canada with their first 3 LPs. These sales were driven by the success of a string of hit singles such as “New Girl Now”, “Burning In Love”, “Wave Babies”, “Stay In the Light”, “What Does It Take,” all of which were written by Derry. Many of these songs were also licensed to TV and movies. Today Derry currently lives in Illinois and continues to tour and write with Honeymoon Suite, as well as writing and co-writing songs for other artists

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