Laurent Medelgi Interview: Medeljazz Quartet, “Look on the inside and find your own joy…”


Laurent is a jazz player who moved from his native Paris to New York City, with his guitar, his amp, and his girlfriend (who left shortly after this). Laurent struggled with acclimating to the isolation of the Big Apple, where social interaction was dramatically different from what he was used to. But he hung in there and wound up releasing two live jazz albums, recorded at two top jazz clubs in Manhattan, earned the lead guitar chair in the Broadway play RENT and several other Broadway shows, and has produced artists and been a music director, world-wide

Laurent shares how he “kind of fell in love that summer with the guitar”… and how, once he embraced a new philosophy of life, he became much less emotionally burdened and began living a much fuller and more enjoyable life. Great call with a fantastic player and a really sincere guy who was kind enough to let us into his life and share his story…

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