Tim Mitchell Interview: Gloria & Emilio Estefan, Shakira, Bob Seger

On this Tim Mitchell Interview, Tim talks about the almost 10-year effort he made, to try and work with Bob Seger (which paid off!), playing with Shakira in front of up to 500,000 people… meeting Jeff Beck & Eddie Van Halen in London, the thrill of playing in Detroit as part of the Silver Bullet Band… why all guitarists should also start off singing, Rome, Manilla, being less controlling, more

Grammy winner Tim Mitchell’s co-written, performed with, Music Directed or produced Shakira, Bob Seger (co-wrote #1 hit song), Emilio & Gloria Estefan, Roberto Carlos, Ricky Martin, Barry Manilow, Wyclef Jean, Paulina Rubio, Jon Secada, Ricky Martin, Mandy Moore & others

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