Joe Blanton Interview: “So I’m in the hot tub with Flava Flav, and yes he had the clock…” 

On this Joe Blanton Interview, never suspecting his prime years in the music business would start in his 40’s… why getting a record deal isn’t always what you think it is, not sweating the small stuff so much, letting go, running away to Florida (and it turning out to be a great trip), and why Joe plays guitar instead of only singing

Originally an art student, Joe’s band The Royal Court of China signed with A&M. He then wound up writing songs with Warner Hodges, Jason Ringenberg & Dan Baird, after meeting them all in Nashville. Today, Joe owns Underground Treehouse records and is a successful producer, engineer & songwriter. He also plays in The Bluefields (Dan Baird, Warner E. Hodges) & The Hangfires (Jen Gunderman, Dan, Greg Morrow), worked on The Chefs new album with Dan Baird & Stan Lynch and just released his own solo LP, “Good, Bad, Right or Wrong,” which is great

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