Michael Britt Interview, Lonestar: “It was just the right place at the right time…”

On this Michael Britt Interview, Michael talks about the serendipity of his career arc, feeling like a commodity at some points, how Lonestar’s managed to stay together for so long, in spite of various highs & lows… dropping out of college to play music, his system of modeling amps, dealing with divorce, mellowing out and loads more. Lots of fun, very cool dude 

Michael Britt is the lead guitarist for country band Lonestar. The band has been together for the most part with the same members, since 1992, released 11 LPs & 10 #1 singles, over 10 million sold. He is also a tone junkie and has profiled hundreds of different amps & tones on the Kemper, which he sells on his website.

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