Satchel from Steel Panther Interview: “A cheap dildo is over $100 bucks… and for a really good dildo, you might wind up mortgaging your house…”

Do NOT listen to today’s show if you are easily offended! Steel Panther is a comedic glam metal band from LA, known for their profane, misogynistic and humorous lyrics. But don’t kid yourself, these guys are excellent, demanding musicians with 5 major label albums…

Satchel discusses his Charvel “Satchel” guitars… the deep and personal meaning of his songs, “Gloryhole,” and “I Got What You Want,” (hint, “5 ½ inches of love”)… putting your own album out right out of the box… and his second choice of careers. This was a hilarious conversation, CLEARLY over the top, satire. Satchel rarely gives personal interviews like this, so listen… NOW:

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