Steve Gorman Interview: Drummer for The Black Crowes spills the beans in his book, Hard to Handle…

On this Steve Gorman Interview, Steve talks about The Black Crowes being fired from the ZZ Top tour, the real reason why Jimmy Page stopped working with the Crowes, the good and the not-so-good about growing up as the youngest of 8 kids… discovering codependency and figuring out its impact on his life, and how to make developmental adjustments and develop healthy coping skills… Margaret Thatcher, the things that make him happiest, therapy, touring, and why “It’s better to be wrong than to be silent.”

Steve Gorman’s best known as the drummer of The Black Crowes. He also spent time touring with the Welsh band Stereophonics, and was a side man playing on LPs by Warren Zevon, Jack Casady, Ian Thornley & others. Steve is also the author of “Hard to Handle: The Life and Death of the Black Crowes.” The book is very well-written both in terms of the events surrounding the Crowes, and in terms of Steve sharing his own personal experiences, self-reflection and growth.

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