Zach Blair Interview: Rise Against Lead Guitarist

On this Zach Blair Interview, Zach talks about a history of the highs & lows of the bands he’s been involved with, and how he wound up connecting with Rise Against. One of the cleanest players around, Zach talks about his commitment to excellence, and his desire to keep growing as a player… His secret blues lead addiction, righteous indignation, therapy, Australia, being more patient & compassionate, and why always following his heart made his life much easier, in spite of having some dark times. AWESOME convo with an incredibly skilled player and just a lovely, sincere guy

Zach Blair’s the lead guitarist for Rise Against. Before joining Rise Against in 2007, he played with Only Crime along with his brother, Doni Blair, who currently plays with the Toadies. The Blair brothers were founding members of the bands Hagfish & Armstrong. Zach was also a member of Gwar (as Flattus & Splattus Maximus) and has played with The Loved Ones, The Mag Sevens… and is a member of The Drakulas, and has released 2 LPs & an EP with them

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