Hector Anchondo Interview

On this Hector Anchondo Interview, Hector talks about his 24 year journey and the things he did – including listening to nothing but blues for an entire year, and moving to Chicago to learn the craft – that got him where he is today. The Market for Blues Festival in Omaha and what inspired Hector to create this festival, why being a good father was so important to him, lowering his anxiety, farm life, and why he loves “being bold.” What a sweet and talented guy – we’ll all be hearing more from him moving forward!   

Hector Anchondo recently won the International Blues Challenge, in addition to taking home the Memphis Cigar Box Guitar Award for best guitarist. He has 3 LPs, and his latest, Roll The Dice, initially spent 24 weeks on the Roots Music Report. Not only is he a very tasty player, but he is a very gifted songwriter I think we’ll all be hearing a lot more of

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