Chad Ross Interview: Quest for Fire, Comet Control & Nordic Nomadic, “What’s important in life…”

On this Chad Ross Interview, Chad talks about the differences between his 3 bands, how Canada is coming together to address Covid, growing up in a rural town on a horse farm and how this influenced his music & his life… making the decision to stop partying and start enjoying the things that are truly meaningful in life… guitars, effects, amps, pulling your own weight, camping, nature and leaving the city

Chad Ross is a guitarist, singer and songwriter, most well known for his work with the Psychedelic bands Quest for Fire, Comet Control & Nordic Nomadic. He grew up in rural Ontario and originally started his career in a variety of punk bands. With these 3 bands he has released 6 LPs and done numerous tours of Canada, Europe and the states. Chad and his wife Nicole live in the country outside of Toronto with their new baby and dog.

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