Rob Lamothe Interview: Riverdogs, “I abused alcohol all the time – I had to clean up…”

On this Rob Lamothe Interview: Getting sober and dealing with sobriety of other family members, dealing with divorce and going all out to be there for his children in a difficult situation, touring Europe with his family, founding Riverdogs, becoming a crisis worker and the lessons he learned, community activism, running a youth shelter and being able to see his impact, making dozens of LPs on his own terms and being able to succeed in music… touring the world and “going where his fans are,” and the joy he gets out of being able to play music professionally with his family. GREAT guy, incredibly sincere conversation, the best!

Vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Rob Lamothe has had his songs on the Billboard Charts in the US. and on hit T.V. shows all over the world. He has toured throughout Europe close to 30 times. A founding member of ‘Riverdogs,” along with Vivian Campbell, that band has released 5 LPs. Another project he has with his 2 sons and daughter also tours Europe. Rob’s also worked with Indigenous artists like Derek Miller, Santee Smith, Logan Staats… and is currently finishing up an album with guest appearances by drummer Mike Mangini, Greg Chaisson, Vivian Campbell

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