Ed Roth Interview, New LP Can’t Find My Way Home: Life is too short to not take chances

Ed Roth Interview: Ed talks about the making of his latest record, playing with Robby Krieger, what prompted him to make an LP of covers, and how he selected the tracks… Why “Life’s too short to not take chances,” techniques he used to create new arrangements of existing songs, what he liked best about making this record, and more. Always one of the coolest and most sincere guys around

Ed Roth Interview: A first-call keyboard session player in Los Angeles, Ed’s toured or recorded with Joe Walsh, The Brothers Johnson, Annie Lennox, Ronnie Montrose, Robby Krieger, Keith Emerson, Glenn Hughes, Rob Halford, Chad Smith, Sophie B. Hawkins, Tom Morello, Chris Impellitteri, Daniel Lanois, rapper Coolio, and loads of others. He’s also a member of Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats. He just released his 4th solo LP, Can’t Find My Way Home, consisting of very cool rearrangements of 8 killer classic rock tracks

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