Craig Garber Interview, “When I found this out, it gave me a superpower…”

Craig Garber Interview: Some of my early hustles and other career moves and how they helped me build Everyone Loves Guitar, foot massages, why time is your most important asset, the value of building systems for processes, the two customers Everyone Loves Guitar has, why self-interest and curiosity are huge motivators for people, the value of “Proof of Concept,” understanding and knowing your customers, attracting (the right) listeners to your podcast, why Spotify airs podcasts, the value of consistency and reliability, why happiness is a choice for all of us…

I’m the host of the Everyone Loves guitar podcast. I dropped the first Episode on August 31. 2017 and here we are close to 750 shows later. This has been a great experience and I continue to learn new things about life and about myself, almost every day. I have had the privilege of speaking to and meeting so many wonderful people – way beyond what I could have ever imagined. Thanks for listening and thanks for all your support! Here’s to the next 750 episodes 🙂

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