Mike Brignardello Interview – founding member of GIANT

Mike’s played with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Trace Adkins, Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Faith Hill, Jewel, Luke Bryan, Darius Rucker, Duane Eddy and hundreds of other artists – both in the studio and on tour. He’s also one of the founding members of Giant, along with Dann Huff

Mike talks about how Vince Gill is able to get the best performance out of his band members and the creative people all around him… and the intensity Dann Huff brings to the table

Mike grew up in Memphis, steeped in that city’s deep R & B roots. He shares the story of what it was like when he came to Nashville, and his eventual migration out west to LA, and then back to Nashville again. And, how his R & B roots fit right in to all of these moves and the success he had. A cool story about how his new single, New Year’s Day, featuring legendary bassist Chuck Rainey (Steely Dan, Aretha Franklin and loads of others)… was developed. And, much more…

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