Warner E. Hodges Interview, Jason & The Scorchers, Dan Baird’s Homemade Sin – Getting Sober & Doing the work

Warner E. Hodges Interview: GREAT stories about how REM and The Ramones took care of The Scorchers when the promoter didn’t pay them, why The Scorchers were a double edged sword for Warner… Getting sober in 1992 and the changes that have taken place since then, why he moved to NYC and LA once The Scorchers disbanded, past mistakes made, learning how to become a “Gibson guy,” JPOT, seeing AC/DC 105 times, learning to dial down his intensity and much more. AWESOME conversation with a super cool family man and a great player 

Warner E. Hodges Interview: Warner Hodges is most well-known as the guitarist for Jason & The Scorchers, where he played a major role in creating what we now call Alt Country. Warner’s also had a successful career outside of the Scorchers. In 2007, Warner joined Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, touring & recording (5 LPs) with Dan for the next 13 years. As a solo artist, Warner’ released 5 LPs, including his most recent, Just Feels Right

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