Michael Farris Smith Interview – Best-Selling Author: Blackwood, Desperation Road, The Fighter

Michael Farris Smith Interview: VERY interesting conversation about the various triggers Michael uses to set him on his writing path, why he has the same curiosity as his readers do, and how he uses this to develop the story… where he goes to find the dark sides of his characters and their troubles… mental illness, bad parenting, his own personal struggles at finally getting published, why he started playing guitar at age 32, running, putting up with rejection and having children. Really brilliant author and a lovely, sincere guy with an AWESOME story:

Award-winning best-selling author of 5 Novels, 3 of Michael’s books have been optioned into movies, and Michael served as screenwriter for all 3 of them. Yet, his first drafts, essays and novella were constantly rejected. Giving himself just 8 months to make his career work, he was ready to move on to something else. Then, a fluke email response to something Michael submitted a year earlier, changed his life. His next novel was shopped and sold in 9 days, and the rest is history

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